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We are happy to provide personalized service to all educators looking to use comics to help build their community!

We offer a 20% discount on all comics (which include comic books, graphic novels and manga), whether in stock or items that need to be ordered.

We also send out a monthly newsletter of new releases tailored for educators like yourself. You can subscribe to it below.

We review the more than 500 titles being offered each month to help save you time and energy!

We sort them by categories such as: all ages, young adults, teen+, manga, LGBTQ+ friendly so our newsletter can become an essential tool in your kit to keep your shelves stocked with the latest and greatest comics that people are craving!

Lastly, we are here to answer any questions, from recommendation requests to searching for specific items.

Never hesitate to send us an email with your questions!

We believe teachers and librarians are essential parts of our community and we provide this service as a thank you for the work they do!

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