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Special Orders/Requests

Rolling Tales is happy to order specific items and hold them just for you! Whether you are collecting a series, seeking a collectible, or need the next sourcebook for an adventure we'll do our best to gather your treasure.

  • Any special ordered items with a retail value over $50.00 CAD will require a 50% down payment that will be applied to the total of the item upon its arrival. This down payment is non-refundable once the item has been ordered.
  • All product orders are to be paid within 14 days of the item's arrival. Payment can be made in person, with a credit card on file, or via e-transfer.
  • Standard items typically take at least two weeks to arrive in store. Specialty items can take longer.
  • All requests are subject to availability and are not guaranteed until we email you with confirmation of the order.

Special Request Form

Please complete the form below in full to request an item. Requests depend on availability and are not guaranteed. We will contact you once we know the status of your request and to confirm the order.

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