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Posted: Sat 11 Jun 2022 in

Everyone gets a chance to own some cool collectibles!

Beginning June 19, RT HQ will be hosting Single Bid Silent Auctions right here on our blog, also known as our Intel Page!

Obviously, you have questions so let’s not hesitate!

WHAT is going up for auction?

To start, we’ll be putting up some cool comic book items! Special issues and bundles of some of the hottest (and most interesting) titles around!

HOW do we bid?

Each item that goes live will have its own blog post. That post will contain all the information you need to know about the item; condition, value, and minimum bid amount.

On the same post there will be a form for you to complete, including how much you decide to bid on the item(s), and once you submit your bid is final. It’s that simple! 

Auctions will be open for 7 days and you can submit your bid at anytime before the auction ends (but only the highest bid will win).

WHAT if I want to know more about the item?

There should be nearly everything you need to know about the item in the post and the item will be on display in the store for you to physically check out, if you like.

HOW do I know if I won?

Once the auction closes, we will contact the person with the highest bid. They will then have 48 hours to pay for the item and once the sale is complete, we will update the post with the winning bid amount for curious minds!

In the event of matching top bids, a random number generator will be used to select the winner.

TIP: Avoid submitting a bid of an common number or an even amount. Bid in odd amounts, such as $101.04 to help ensure your bid.

WHAT if I change my mind about my bid?

Once the auction closes, all bids are accepted and considered an agreement to purchase. If you have the winning bid and decline to purchase the item you will be ineligible from bidding for 1 month.

WHY are you auctioning off items this way?

We want to host these auctions for a whole week to give more people a chance to check out and bid on some of the unique and popular items that come through RT HQ. Our hope is that it levels the playing field for collectors of all kinds. 

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