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Chelsea Wong Artist in Residence

Our inaugural Artist in Residence was the delightful Chelsea Wong! Chelsea created in Rolling Tales each weekend from 12-6 on Saturdays and 12-5 on Sundays from January until September 2022!
You can learn more about her through her final interview from just before she left!
Chelsea also did an interview at the beginning of her term and you can read it to compare how her expectations matched up to her results!

** An accomplished artist, she's ran her own online store and hosted booths at conventions for several years. She'll be working on a full-length comic called Jezebel, adapted from a short comic she created in 2021. Come learn about her comic-making process or ask questions about her art business! On Saturday and Sunday afternoons, get a FREE postcard sketch by donating to The Food Bank! Chelsea Wong, our Artist in Residence, can whip up original sketches for you! **

Our Artist-in-Residence program is currently on pause while we are relocating and settling into our new environment.

The Artist-in-Residence program provides several unique opportunities in the creative world.

Aside from providing dedicated time for a local artist to focus on their craft, they get to do so in a fresh, inspiring environment while providing insights and motivation to the public that visits the store.

Local creators will submit applications and portfolios for review by an independent panel. The selected candidate will then work in the store on Fridays and Saturdays for 32 weeks, receiving a honourarium during that period as well. As much as the time will be for the artists to practice and hone their skills, they will also be engaging with folks about their craft, promoting the comics medium to help usher in the next generation of reads, writers, and artists!


  • The Artist will be in residence at Rolling Tales (14263 23 Avenue NW, Edmonton) on either Friday 12pm-6pm and Saturday 12pm-5pm or Saturday 12pm-6pm and Sunday 12pm-5pm.
  • The length of the Residency will be thirty-two (32) weeks from the designated start date of the term. 
  • The Artist will be provided with a workstation consisting of a drafting table, chair, and lighting. The Artist will also have access to materials in the store for reference, including computer use and Internet access. Rolling Tales will not supply drawing materials. 
  • The Residency is non-exclusive, allowing the Artist to work on commissions in addition to the projects outlined in their application; however, it should be noted that projects worked on in the store should be appropriate viewing for all ages. 
  • The Artist will be accessible to the public, answering questions the public may have about the project they are working on and the material being created in-store. The Artist will also act as a resource to creators working on their own comics project, offering advice and critiques. 
  • The Artist will receive a weekly stipend in the amount of $150, to be invoiced monthly by the Artist. The Artist-in-Residence is not an employee of Rolling Tales and, as such, is not entitled to employee benefits. 
  • Previous Artists-in-Residence are not eligible to re-apply for a period of one (1) year after the completion of their term. 
  • Rolling Tales reserves the right to immediately terminate the position due to repeated tardiness, failure to show for scheduled times, or inappropriate behaviour and/or language while in the store. 

Application Process

Applications for the Winter 2022 term (starting January 7th, 2022) will be accepted between October 1 and October 31.

  • Applicants must provide curriculum vitae that should not exceed two (2) sheets of standard 8.5” x 11” paper.
  • Applicants must provide a statement of the objectives they hope to achieve as Rolling Tales' Artist-in-Residence. Please itemize the work(s) being focused on.
  • In addition to the statement of objectives, applicants must provide a statement of their personal career goals and detail as to how the Artist-in-Residence position would help them accomplish those goals.

Applications should include:

  • List of recent community work, especially any that apply to the artist’s craft. Please make sure to include contact information for reference.
  • Five (5) digital samples of work, three (3) of which must demonstrate sequential work.
  • One (1) letter of reference/recommendation, preferably from someone in the visual arts field.

Applications are to be emailed to the store at contact@rollingtales.ca with all files being in PDF format.

An independent committee (i.e. persons not in the employ of Rolling Tales) will choose a successful candidate from the submitted applications. The committee will remain anonymous to both the applicants, other judges, and the public at large.

The selected candidate will become the Artist-in-Residence at Rolling Tales for a term of thirty-two (32) weeks. The successful candidate will work in the store on Fridays from noon until 6 pm, and on Saturdays from noon until 5 pm.


With each term we require a minimum of 5 individuals to review and (lightly) critique submitted portfolios. Reviewers must have experience in the arts or literary world, either practically as an artist or as an administrator.

The amount of time needed to review the applicants will vary depending on number of submissions but all submissions must adhere to the guidelines set out by Rolling Tales.

All submissions will be digital.

Reviewers will be expected to provide one positive comment and one critique of each applicants’ submission. Remarks will be sent to the applicants anonymously to provide value to the application process.

If you are interested in supporting this program as a reviewer, please email contact@rollingtales.ca and use the subject line "AiR Reviewer". You'll be sent further information regarding expectations for the process and we can address any questions you may have.

Rolling Tales ARTIST IN RESIDENCE Presented by “YOUR NAME HERE”! 

We are seeking a title sponsor for our Artist in Residence Program. This generous sponsor will be supporting the purchase of furniture that will become the base of operation for the selected artists throughout the ongoing program. Your name, title, logo, or business name will be prominently featured at the art station at the entrance of the store.  

Creating stories is at the core of Rolling Tales mission and The Artist in Residence Program is a unique initiative that provides a local comic book artist supplemental income while they hone their craft and engage with the community.  

A $1000 Sponsorship will be used to purchase a high-quality desk chair, a drafting table, and related supplies to outfit the station. The Sponsor will receive: 

  • Your logo permanently displayed at the Artist in Residence station. 
  • Your logo on the Rolling Tales Artist in Residence website page. 
  • A dedicated social media “Thank You” posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. 
  • A “Thank You” message with your logo in our weekly newsletter. 

The Artist in Residence will hold regular hours to work on their artistic projects and interact with visitors acting as an ambassador for comics education and awareness. Comics are a spectacular medium for promoting literacy and we want to share that joy far and wide with support from YOU!  

To become a superhero and support this program, email Sylvia and Jay at: contact@rollingtales.ca  

  • Minimum sponsorship is one week ($150).
  • Sponsor will get their name displayed on the desk for the duration of the sponsorship and posted with the Artist’s profile on the RT website.
  • Sponsor can remain anonymous if desired.
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