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Free RPG August - D&D Horror Teen+!

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Aug 06 2023


11:00 am - 2:00 pm


Rolling Tales
10219 106 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta

Did you miss Free RPG Day back in June? Well, never fear! Rolling Tales is here!
And we're planning a Free RPG AUGUST event!

Grave of The Pack, 5e D&D Horror One Shot

Grave of The Pack is a deadly horror adventure for Fifth Edition D&D, to be played with a party of 4 to 6 level 3 characters.
The players take on the role of Twigjacks; young wilderness scouts in the forests of The Weyrd Wood, sent on a mission to repair The Easternmost Temple of Spretz The Warden after a storm leaves the building in shambles with only a single aging keeper left. This lazy country chore is derailed when fate and disaster send the Jacks into the subterranean Grave-Lair of a threat long ago sealed by The Gods. They are grievously injured and alone… alone with The Pack, and the forces aligned to make sure no mortal reaches it's resting place...

Death comes for us all. You can only run from it so long before you must decide to grovel or fight.

Host: Brayden Scobie
Can be contacted via e-mail at contact@rollingtales.ca

All Skill Levels
Youth 13-17 and older
Pencil, Character Sheets and essential books, premade characters provided.
Needed - 3rd Level D&D 5e Character, using Standard Array Stat Build (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8). Characters can be made w/ early arrivals, premades will be available as well, but we're on a crunch so Char's won't be made during game time.

Limit - 6 players

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