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Living Wage Employer

Posted: Mon 7 Feb 2022 in

We are a proud member of the Alberta Living Wage Network.

At Rolling Tales we believe in creating opportunities in our community and this includes paying our employees a living wage. Living wages contribute to a healthy, productive, and enthusiastic team that helps fulfill our vision of supporting creativity and literacy for all.

Living wages are rooted in the belief that individuals and families should not just survive, but be able to live in dignity, and participate in their community.

- Alberta Living Wage Network

Providing a living wage provides the business benefits like employee retention, higher productivity, and the added benefit of loyal employee-customer relationships. We also believe in contributing to a healthy economy built on local mutual support.

The Alberta Living Wage Network calculates the living wage for Edmonton based on essential needs: food, shelter, clothing, transportation, health care, education, childcare, and other household needs. This results in mentally and physically healthier employees which has numerous benefits beyond the workplace.

When you support Rolling Tales you also supporting your community members.

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