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Posted: Wed 1 Sep 2021 in

Skin & Earth: Set in a post-apocalyptic world, this story is written and drawn by the artist Lights as a tie-in to her album "Skin & Earth"!

Critical Role: Vox Machine Origins Volume 2: Join the party from Critical Role's first campaign as they track down a missing party member in dire danger!

Noir is the new Black: 40 black creators have come together to create one heck of a noir-genre anthology!

Nimona: A fantasy story told from the side of the villains, one of which is a shape-shifting teenage punk! A surprisingly wholesome read!

Real Friends: The heartwarming story of a girl trying to find true friendship as she ages through elementary school

Telepaths issue 1: After an electromagnetic shift unlocks telepathy in humans, the police end up in a fight against a group of telepaths led by a convicted criminal.

Sweet Paprika issue 2: A raunchy slice of life featuring demons and angels.

Dark Ages issue 1: When an ancient being threatens life on Earth, a never-before-seen assembly of Marvel characters will come together: X-Men, Avengers, Spider-People and the Fantastic Four!

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