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Posted: Wed 22 Sep 2021 in

Yay! New stuff! Restocks of faves! Here's what we're really excited about today:

Aquaman: The Becoming #1: Aqualad Jackson Hyde has everything he wants... until half of Atlantis blows up and he's accused of being the one behind it! How will he become Aquaman now?

Looney Tunes #262: A fun superman parody featuring Daffy Duck as Cluck Trent, AKA Stupor Duck!

Miracle Molly #1: Learn the top-secret story behind Miracle Molly becoming a transhumanist villain!

Death of Dr. Strange #1: Wait... what?! Who killed Dr. Strange?! Who's going to protect earth from threats only HE could fight off?!

He Who Fights with Monsters #1: An ancient legend could be the only hope in the battle of good and evil during World War 2.

Frontiersman #1: Frontiersman has just come out of retirement to join a new environmentalist group, only to be barraged by a line-up of new and old enemies!

Trailer Park Boys #1: The show you love continues with the get-rich-quick schemes and douchebag landlord in this issue one!

Almost American Girl: When Robin moves to the US from Korea, a comic class helps her cope.

Stone Fruit: The complex and strange lives of two aunts and their niece.

A Map to the Sun: A psychedelic coming-of-age with a grounded, sporty vibe.

Did you know you can subscribe to your favourite comics and manga or request a specific book! What are you waiting for, let us know what story you seek!

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