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Posted: Wed 29 Sep 2021 in

Halloween themed comics are starting to arrive at Rolling Tales! We also have the usual really awesome stuff! Here are our highlights this week:

Transformers Halloween Special: Starscream fights a strange, gross science experiment!

Batman Vs. Bigby #1: A Wolf in Gotham: Batman is stumped by a serial killer called The Werewolf of Gotham, and somehow it's connected to library bombings. To top it all off, Batman finds himself followed by a character straight out of a noir novel!

Deathstroke Inc #1: Slade Wilson teams up with Black Canary when he joins a secret organization for fast-paced, action-filled adventures!

The Amazing Spider-Man #74 (#875): This extra-thick issue takes several Spider-Man storylines and ties them into a big ol' conclusive knot! Find out the ending to the series "Kindred", "Hunted", "Sins Rising", "Last Remaining", "King's Ransom", and more!

Inferno #1: In this explosive story, a woman will bring the rulers of Krakoa to their knees!

Life of Melody: A sweet, queer rom-com wherein two fairy tale creature decide to co-parent an abandoned child and end up falling in love!

The Good Asian: This gripping noir series is about Asian immigrants struggling against corrupt police, constant murderers, and other violence!

Death & Sparkles: When the last unicorn and Death team up, only one thing can happen: shenanigans!

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