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Posted: Wed 27 Oct 2021 in

🦇  Halloween comics are best comics!

 This week at HQ we have:

😈 Hellboy: The Silver Lantern Club #1: The Hellboy universe just got a little bigger! Hellboy’s in for new perils when he investigates an exorcism gone wrong and learns the secrets of a secret society!

🦷 DC vs. Vampires: In this standalone maxiseries, a secret, blood-sucking army comes out of hiding, but they’ll have the Justice League to reckon with!

🌙 Batman: The Long Halloween Special: Re-visiting the Batman Halloween Special from 25 years ago, a new secret will emerge to threaten Batman, Commissioner Gordon, Two-face, and more!

💀 Task Force Z #1: Red Hood leads an undead task force trying to redeem themselves for a second chance at living. When the mystery behind the task force unfolds, moral dilemmas threaten to undo any chance of a new life!

🏠  The Me You Love In The Dark #1: (back in stock!) Old town, small house, new muse? The perfect solution for an uninspired artist! Or is it… This dark, fairy tale-esque story will leave you haunted!

That's not all, we have a whole section of spine-chillers for you in store:

We are celebrating Halloween with some contests too, check out the details and enter to win!

😃 We just got some new RPG guides!

🐉 Have all the need-to-know dragon info all in one place and add some fire to your campaign with Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons!

⭐ Bring your love of Stargate to the table top with this new core rulebook based off of the D&D 5e  open license!

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