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Rolling Tales is here to offer you the greatest stories ever told through comics and role-playing games. Rolling Tales is more than a cool pop culture shop—we are here to inspire creativity and bolster literacy for all!

At Rolling Tales we stock comic books, manga, and graphic novels as well as table top role playing games including accessories, miniatures, and supplies to enhance your hobbies.

If you are also looking for action figures, statues, board games, toys, and apparel we have that too! Browse our online shop now to find your story! Looking for something specific? Get in touch with us!

We love to bring the Rolling Tales community together! Stay tuned for upcoming events including Free Comic Book Day, book fairs, and other special goings on.

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The Team

Sylvia “DM Dougie” Douglas (she/they) is a Game Master/Dungeon Master as well as the co-owner/operator of Rolling Tales. They’ve always been invested in their communities, education, and creating welcoming spaces for all. Sylvia is a lifelong adventurer bringing their background in art, management, and community building to Rolling Tales. Almost a decade ago Sylvia applied for a part-time job at Jay’s previous shop with a resume formatted like a Dungeons & Dragons character sheet and they’re hoping to roll a natural 20 again on this new quest!

Jay Bardyla (he/him) used to buy comics as a kid. That led him to working in a comic shop as a teen, helping run an expansion store in his early 20s and eventually opening his own shop just before he hit his 30s. Happy Harbor Comics was an unplanned gift to a lot of people and it’s with great pride that he gets to return to the world that brings so many so much joy. Now, where is my supersuit...

Blue (they/them) is our Social Media Manager and a self-identified goof. They love to draw cute things, watch anime, and learn about dinosaurs. A well-thought-out pun has the power to make them guffaw loudly.

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