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Posted: Fri 18 Mar 2022 in

We are your local destination for all things pop culture! Here's a round up of what we provide from personalized customer service to unique opportunities for our community!

When you support Rolling Tales you're contributing to a locally own business that cares about education, artists and creators, and creating a space for everyone to celebrate their hobbies.

Updated weekly, we provide a list of latest releases of comics, games, manga and more! You can place items on hold directly from our web shop. Orders are filled in a first-come-first serve basis. Click the "new this week" button on our homepage!  
Never miss an issue or volume! Your favorite stories will be ordered and held for you at RT HQ. No more disappointment when an exciting book sells out, waiting for a second printing, and no more gaps in your collection. We also offer mail orders if you're unable to visit regularly. Sign up for a file now for comics, graphic novels, and manga!
We created a custom form combining products from numerous distributors, so you have a one-stop destination to pre-order your favourite stories! It’s in a beta-phase, so try it out!
Hunting for something specific? Let us track it down for you! Place your request online and we will do our best to find your treasures! Requests are not guaranteed and depend on availability.
Level up by signing up for our loyalty program! You will earn points for every dollar you spend at RT HQ. As a thank you for supporting us we will give you bonuses and discounts along the way!
Tabletop roleplaying games are often best experienced in both print and digital formats! We've teamed up with Bits and Mortar so that you can get a FREE digital copy of your new game when you purchase a physical guide from participating publishers at our store!
FREE printables, funny memes, and first access to workshop registration straight to your inbox! We round up the latest releases, new events and exclusives, and giveaway freebies like colouring pages, tabletop gaming checklists, & more. Subscribe today!
We offer workshops that will give you the tools you need to be the author of your own adventure or idea. Working with local experts we have unique and engaging learning opportunities to advance your tabletop games, mini painting, model kits, and lead you through comic book creation. See what's coming up next on our events calendar!
Our Artist in Residence is selected by an independent jury for a paid term to work on their craft at RT HQ and share their insights, process, and creativity with the community. Visit on the weekend to meet them!
We provide discounts and a monthly newsletter for educators and librarians. We take the time to review more than 500 titles being offered each month and put a selection into a newsletter sorting them by categories such as: all ages, young adults, teen+, manga, LGBTQ+ friendly. Teachers and librarians are essential parts of our community, and we provide this service as a thank you for the work they do! Sign up for the newsletter!
We showcase, promote, and sell local creator’s work on a consignment basis that supports their continued creativity! Are you a local creator? Get in touch!
We are a proud member of the Alberta Living Wage Network. At Rolling Tales we believe in creating opportunities in our community and this includes paying our employees a living wage. Living wages contribute to a healthy, productive, and enthusiastic team that helps fulfill our vision of supporting creativity and literacy for all.

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